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Term of Services

The purpose of the Services is to provide Users with support in dealing with issues encountered while using the website. Dua Fatima does not guarantee that the Services shall resolve all issues encountered by the Users. The Services shall address the most common issues pertaining to the content.

If User encounters an issue not addressed on the Support Portal, he/she may contact Haroon Butt Support by sending an email to: boltvonline@gmail.com The User should clearly describe the issue encountered, using one of the languages. User may use other languages, however Haroon Butt cannot guarantee accuracy of support provided in response to queries in such languages. If Vivid Games requests additional information on the issue encountered or specific User data, the User shall provide Vivid Games with such information and/or data. User shall at all times strictly follow instructions provided by Haroon Butt.

Haroon Butt shall provide Services to Users in the version as offered at the moment and depending on their availability, which can be beyond control of Vivid Games (e.g. due to a break in server operations). Haroon Butt shall not guarantee to the User any availability of the Services, their stability and appropriate operation as well as the safety of making use of such Services, including also preciseness and accuracy of information published through the Support Portal.